2019.12.23(Mon)Kaz南澤Forever 5(東京・原宿)soldout
2019.12.19 (Thu) Country Music DJ Event (横浜・日ノ出町) soldout
2019.12.18(Wed) Keiko Walker Band (東京・湯島)soldout
2019.12.7 (Sat) Dedicated to John Lennon ! 2019 ジョンレノン追悼ライヴ! (横浜・日ノ出町)soldout
2019.11.25(Mon) Keiko Walker Band (藤沢・辻堂) soldout
2019.11.24 (Sun) with Tennessee Five (京都)soldout
2019.11.21 (Thu) Country Music DJ Event (横浜・日ノ出町) soldout
2019.11.9 (Sat) DIE solo EXTRAORDINARY ワンマン  (東京・北参道)soldout
2019.9.19 Thu Country Music DJ Event (横浜・日ノ出町)soldout
2019.9.3 (Tue) Keiko Walker Band (東京・荻窪)soldout
2019.8.12 (Mon) "Stones Night" soldout
2019.7.18 (Thu)  Country Music DJ Event(横浜・日ノ出町)soldout
2019.7.3 Wed “Rock’n Soul”(横浜・横浜駅西口)soldout
2019.6.27(Thu)Country Music DJ (横浜・日ノ出町)soldout
2019.5.17 (Fri) Keiko Walker Band (藤沢・辻堂)soldout
2019.4.23(Tue)Country Meets Rock(横浜・横浜駅西口)soldout
2019.4.18 (Thu) Country Music DJ (横浜・日ノ出町)soldout
2019.2.26 (Tue) FEB (東京・原宿)soldout
2019.2.19 "Something Fine" Westcoast Session 2019 (横浜・西口)soldout
2019.2.9 Southern California Duets (横浜・日ノ出町)soldout
2019.1.27 (Sun) Rodeo Night (愛知県・蒲郡市)soldout
2019.1.22(Tue) Keiko Walker Special Live (東京・曙橋)soldout
2019.1.11(Fri) Keiko Walker Band(横浜・日ノ出町)soldout